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UCalgary News: Frequently Asked Questions

Most stories are written by university staff members as part of their roles as professional communicators within the 14 faculties, along with several departments and institutes. UToday accepts submissions outside this network; for example, from a student writing about a community initiative. The Content and Publications team occasionally assigns freelance writers under contract to research and produce specialized stories.

UCalgary News is managed by Sue Ridewood, the UCalgary News managing editor, under the direction of Lois Epp, the senior director, Content and Publications, Office of Advancement. Articles from faculties and units are reviewed first by managers overseeing communications in those areas.

UToday supports the university by reporting on top research discoveries and their impact on the community, key campus events, major announcements, significant awards, and student and faculty experiences and successes. All UCalgary News content should be of interest to the broader university community and we try to fairly represent all areas of campus. Faculty-specific stories are better suited to that faculty’s local news or social media channels.

Writers are required to fact-check articles and quotes with each story’s sources before submitting a story to UCalgary News. The editor reviews stories for accuracy, clarity, relevance, adherence to web-writing best practices, use of Canadian Press and University of Calgary style guidelines, and search-friendly web headlines.

We welcome article contributions from the campus community but we cannot guarantee publication. Before writing the story, send an email query to the UToday editor, including your full name, your connection to the story, contact information, a few story details, and your preferred publication date. We may consult someone who is employed as a communicator in your faculty or unit before accepting a story proposal. If the article is not suitable for UCalgary News, we’ll try to refer you to other departments that may be interested.

The Content and Publications photographer takes photos for UCalgary News and other Office of Advancement purposes. However, the photographer is not available for general campus event photography or staff photos. If you require event photo coverage, you will need to hire an external event photographer. We can supply recommendations if needed; contact the Content and Publications photographer for more information.

Given the high number of speaking events on campus, University Relations doesn’t normally have the resources to cover speakers or conferences. However, when a speaker is internationally known as a subject expert in an area relevant to the university’s strategic research themes, we can work with our partners to try to arrange coverage. Contact the UToday editor with your idea.

UToday newsletter: Frequently Asked Questions

UToday is sent to all faculty and staff and external subscribers around 9 a.m. on weekdays as part of the university’s commitment to publish relevant information for our campus community and beyond. The email contains the daily news highlights from the UCalgary News network, along with workplace reminders, prominent mentions of UCalgary topic experts in the news media, and other information of interest to the campus community.

No. Email is the primary preferred method of communication with employees. Everyone who is a full- or part-time employee automatically receives it via an Employee Mailman list, which is refreshed regularly to ensure accuracy. Employees are automatically subscribed to an email list specific to their employee group; therefore, it is not necessary to subscribe or unsubscribe. The list is not managed within the Office of Advancement; please contact UService at hr@ucalgary.ca or phone 403.210.9300 if any additional clarification is needed regarding the guidelines for Employee Mailman lists at the university. Read the guidelines for Employee Mailman lists. The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation pertains to commercial electronic messages and does not apply to employee/internal communications.

UCalgary Breaking News alerts provide immediate email updates on major news and announcements that impact the broad campus community, outside the 9 a.m. news cycle for UToday. But only those who subscribe to UToday Breaking News will receive them in their inbox. They are sent a few times per year, or as news events warrant. Note: UCalgary Breaking News does not replace the Emergency Communication services and channels already in place at the University of Calgary. Subscribe or unsubscribe to UCalgary Breaking News.

Resources for campus communicators


UCalgary News Style Guide

For writers of public-facing communications at the University of Calgary — guidelines for your spelling, capitalization, and language questions 

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Submitting articles to UCalgary News

Here's a guide for University of Calgary employees who regularly write and submit news content to UCalgary News as part of their job. Get started on the University Web System — the online platform people on campus use to create and share stories.

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Share your event

Hosting an event on a University of Calgary campus? Looking to get the word out? 

The central events calendar network is a free service available to members of the campus community. Please contact the communications department in your faculty or unit directly to request a spot on the calendar. 

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Our topic tagging strategy

In the UCalgary News network, tags are a tool to filter content by topic or theme — making it easier for our readers to find related content. Learn more about our guidelines for creating and using using topic tags.

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Topic tags we recommend

Check our A-to-Z glossary of topic tags recommended for news articles published in the UCalgary News network. 

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Energize your writing

A UCalgary News article stands a greater chance of attracting more readers and being shared via social media if the writing is conversational, emotionally engaging, and experiential.

Here are some best practices for writing for a broad audience.

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