Self-Guided Campus Tour

The Self-Guided Campus Tour is an opportunity for students and community members to discover campus using the StoryCity app on Android and iOS smartphones.

Get your 10,000 steps in while discovering the campus landscape

What is included in the tour?

There are four unique tour stories on the StoryCity app, including: The best places to study, popular hang out spaces, entertainment venues and student history. Each of the four tour stories contain multiple locations and write-ups and images for each. Approximately 40 minutes will be required for each of the four tour stories.

Installing and using the app

First, download the app from the Google Play store or the IOS App Store. It can be used as a walking tour companion as you move through campus. While the on-location tour is recommended, each of the stories can be viewed from anywhere. For the app to work, you must ensure that your phone’s GPS is turned on. Also, be sure to create a StoryCity account using your UCalgary email address.

How do I use the StoryCity app?

After installing the app, the story city homepage for Calgary will show only the four UCalgary locations. If you are on campus, select a tour and walk to the first red point on the tour map. Upon reaching the destination, you will need to tap on the red dot, then tap on the text above it to see the description. Once you are ready to move to the next donation, locate the blue point on the map (that's your location!) to activate the pathway indicator.

Will this help me to find my classroom?

The self-guided tour is intended to be a fun way for students and visitors to explore the UCalgary campus in August and September. If you are looking for specific locations information, please visit the Campus Maps and Room Finder page.