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UThisWeek content submission guidelines

UThisWeek is published weekly during the fall and winter semesters.

Content guidelines

UThisWeek is a weekly newsletter, and UThisSummer is a monthly newsletter. They are sent to all undergraduate students at the University of Calgary. The content included must meet the following criteria:

  • The message must be relevant to the majority of students regardless of faculty
  • There must be either:
    • a clear call to action, or
    •  “need to know” (as opposed to “good to know”) information for students
  • Any departmental or faculty content must have copy that relates to all undergraduate students

To submit to UThisWeek/UThisSummer, ensure your submission:

  • Is 50 words or less
  • Includes a jpeg image that is 400 x 250, and doesn’t include copy on the photo
  • Includes a URL to content on a ucalgary.ca website
  • Follows the university's writing style guide
  • Contains purposeful, clear, accurate, timely and up-to-date copy
  • Is written in you-focused, student-friendly language. Students are your audience, so speak to them!

The editors of UThisWeek/UThisSummer may revise the copy you submit. We also reserve the right to determine which messages are included in the newsletter. Since there is limited space in the newsletter, your message may not be included or may be postponed to a later week.

We only promote institutional surveys and university-sanctioned research studies that have been approved by governing ethical bodies.

NOTE: Since UThisWeek/UThisSummer is intended for official university messages, it does not include content from student clubs or groups that are external to the UCalgary campus.

Submission deadlines

The deadline for submission for the student newsletter is noon the Thursday prior to the desired week for publication, although the student newsletter's capacity may be reached at any time, in which case the item may be included the next possible week or included on the current students website. It is recommended that items be submitted one or two days prior to the deadline. Priority will be given to submissions that have a broad institutional appeal. 

UThisSummer is published on a monthly basis from May through August on the first Monday of each month. UThisWeek will resume its weekly publishing schedule on the second Monday of September.

Have questions? Contact the editor.