Tzedakah-Sadaqah is a series of intercultural, interreligious service projects that take place at various community centres and places of worship across Calgary.


Program details

Where: Various community centres and places of worship across the city

When: Semesterly

Examples of previous programs include:

  • Shia Muslim Community
  • Fort Calgary Community Garden
  • Sisters in Spirit – Indigenous Community
  • Dashmesh Cultural Centre
  • Baitun Nur Mosque - Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
  • UN World Interfaith Dinner

Service Projects

This semester, we will be virtually hosted by the Jami Mosque in Toronto. We will get an introduction to the Islamic faith by Imam Ahmad Saleem, learn the core tenants and beliefs of Islam, as well as a look into daily prayers, before finishing off with a discussion and questions about the building and the faith. After the virtual tour, we will all write notes of well wishes and gratitude which will be given to the mosque with other assortments of gifts.

Program Details

In addition to sharing their traditions and/or recipes, participants will have the opportunity to attend a workshop on cultural exchange and diversity during the Winter semester. 

Where: Online. Participants will receive a welcome email along with instructions on how to submit their videos and recipes upon registration.
When: From December 2020 to December 2021.

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