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Upcoming webinars & workshops

Webinars are group information sessions that are hosted virtually through Zoom. Workshops are group sessions that may be hosted virtually or in-person (pending public health restrictions). Workshops often include activities and participation.

Past presentations may be available below for students’ reference 48 hours after a webinar; however, presentation content is accurate the day it was presented. After that, it is possible information may change. Refer to the ISS website or contact if you have questions.

Canadian Immigration

International Student Services (ISS) has regulated Canadian immigration advisors available to help you with your study permit, work permit, visa and other immigration questions.

A Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) will present basic information on Permanent Residence pathways that may be available to you. Registration is mandatory. Sessions fill up very quickly and therefore we suggest signing up early if you wish to attend, as this session has a maximum capacity of 30 students.

This session is only available to current UCalgary Degree Seeking Students and Recent Graduates. This session is not open to Exchange students, Visiting Students, English language students (ESL and IFP Non-Degree), or Foreign Workers on campus.

Offered: monthly

Previous Slides/Recording: Not available. Visit website. 

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Presented in collaboration with International Student Services, with a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC).

As an international student, there are several types of work you can do in Canada. Some of them will require a specific permit. In this workshop, you’ll also learn about Canadian work permits and get an overview of the Canadian application process, including information about the documents needed to apply for jobs, interviews and other documents you may need to work in Canada. A separate undergraduate and graduate session is offered.

Offered: September 2021

Also available through Careerlink

Intercultural Capacity Building

Orientation for New International Students

The UCalgary International Student Services team looks forward to welcoming new international students each fall and winter term. If you are a new student arriving for a spring or summer term, review the slides below and don’t hesitate to reach out to the ISS team (

ISS offers specific orientation events for new international undergraduate, graduate, and exchange students. Visit the Orientation website for more details.

Offered: September 1-3, 2021 ; Sept 2022 dates To Be Confirmed

Register: through Orientation website

International Undergraduate/Exchange Orientation: 

  • Presentation Slides: here (Sept 1, 2021)
  • Recording: access through your main Orientation registration here (Sept 1, 2021) 

International Graduate Orientation: 

  • Presentation Slides: here (Sept 1, 2021) 
  • Recording: here (Sept 1, 2021) 

ISS offers specific orientation events for new international undergraduate, graduate, and exchange students. Visit the Orientation website for more details.

Offered: January 2022

Register: through Orientation website

Previous Slides/Recording: available January 2022

Welcome Webinars: Getting Settled in Calgary/Alberta/Canada

These sessions are hosted throughout the summer and academic terms to assist new and returning students’ smooth adaptation to life in Calgary and studies at UCalgary. These are non-immigration, non-academic topics.

The International Student Services team will discuss the benefits and disadvantages to living either on-campus or off-campus to help ensure you are making a decision that best suites your needs. Topics include: cost, convenience, location, moving in and out, leases & rental references, and supports/resources. 

NOTE: For specific information about accommodations in Residence Services, please consult their website:

Previous Offering (July 9, 2021): 

Offered: July

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An international student leader will share suggested tips, resources, and strategies for getting settled and becoming familiar with Calgary. Topics include navigating Calgary, using public transit, shopping for grocery and household goods, ways to find community and activities, emergency and Non-Emergency Contacts, and answer your questions

Previous Offering (August 18, 2021) 

  • Slides: here
  • Recording: here. (no passcode required)   


  • September 23, 2021 (10 am)

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An International Student Services advisor will provide an overview of resources and important considerations when planning for your expenses for the upcoming year, including: Cost calculators, Awards & Scholarships, Budget resources, Emergency Funds, Tips for avoiding scams, and answer your questions

Previous Offering: Aug 11, 2021

  • Slides: here
  • Recording: here (July 2021 version); August version up by Aug 13


  • July
  • Wednesday, August 11, 2021 (9 am MDT)

Register: through ISS Events Calendar

An International Student Services Advisor will provide you with an overview of resources and important considerations when looking for rental housing in Calgary, including:  Online resources for searching for rentals in Calgary, Questions to ask when viewing a rental property, Rights and responsibilities as a tenant, Tips for avoiding rental scams, & Information about self-isolating due to Covid-19

Previous Offering: (August 6, 2021)


  • July, August, December, March

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An International Student Services advisor will provide an overview of the Alberta Healthcare system and Medical Insurance, including: the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan, Graduate Student Association and Student Union health & dental plans, UCalgary Wellness Centre Services, Emergency and Non-Emergency Contacts , And answer your questions

Previous Offering:

  • Slides: here. (Sept 15, 2021)
  • Recording: here (Sept 15, 2021) 


  • July, August, September

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In this webinar you will learn about common adjustment experiences such as culture shock and how to identify some potential signs of it, as well as useful strategies that will support your physical, mental and emotional health and you adjust to living in Calgary.

This webinar is run in collaboration with International Student Services and Student Wellness Services.

Previous Offering (Aug 10, 2021):

Offered: August; December

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The International Student Services (ISS) team will provide an overview of helpful resources to use when planning your arrival in Calgary during the COVID-19 pandemic including:  important Canadian immigration considerations when planning your arrival; how to prepare for any required quarantine requirements; how to prepare for tasks you must complete while you get settled.

Previous Offerings: 

  • Oct 7, 2021: Presentation Slides here
  • Oct 7, 2021: Recording here 

Offered: Ongoing

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Outreach officers from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will present an introduction to the Canadian Tax System and the benefits and credits international students may be entitled to. Current UCalgary international students (undergraduate or graduate) can attend to learn about: Residency Status, When and how to file a tax return, Tuition tax credit, Canada Child benefit and GST credit.

This webinar will not be recorded and we are unable to share the presentation slides. Registered attendees will receive handouts with the referenced links and contact details within 48-hours after the session.

Previous Slides/Recording: Not available. Refer to Taxes in Canada website

Offered: October 2021 & March 2022 & April 2022

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International Student Services (ISS) provides advice, programs, and events to support all international students adjusting to studies at the University of Calgary and to life in Canada. This session will provide an overview of ISS services, highlight helpful resources, and identify opportunities for all students to get involved with ISS.

Previous Offering (July 8, 2021): 

  • Recording: here. 
  • Presentation slides: here


  • July 2021

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International Student Services and Leadership & Student Engagement invite all new international students to learn about some of the programs that can help ease your adjustment to life at UCalgary. You’ll learn about programs that help develop your leadership and communication skills, and connect you with a network of fellow students across the University. Programs we’ll discuss include:

Previous Offering (July 19, 2021): 

  • Slides: here. 
  • Recording: here (includes closed captioning/audio transcript)


  • July

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Career Services and International Student Services invite you to learn about important steps to complete as you prepare to begin your career in Canada.
Advisors will provide tips related to settlement tasks, job search, and career development.

Please note this session is for international students NEW to Canada (1st year)


Past Offering: (July 28, 2021)

  • Recording: here. Password: *$Xzb0yp
  • Slides: here

Offered: July


An International Student Services advisor will provide an overview of campus services that international students’ family members can access and highlight a few key resources in the community to help with settlement in Calgary. Topics will include: UCalgary resources that your partner can access with you; social programming for students with children; health Insurance for families; language learning resources for family members; and answer your questions

Previous Offering: 

  • Slides: here. (Sept 16, 2021) 
  • Recording: here (Sept 16, 2021) 


  • July, September

Register: through ISS Events Calendar

An international student leader will share suggested tips, resources, and strategies to prepare for changing Calgary weather including: winter expectations, navigating Calgary in winter, how to dress for weather, shopping for winter clothing, how to make the most of the seasons, and answer your questions.

Previous Offering: (August 25, 2021)

  • Recording: here. (no passcode required)   
  • Slides: here


  • September 28, 2021 (9 am) 

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Student Services Workshops

ISS works with an amazing team of colleagues across various university departments to provide supports for international students. The ISS Events Calendar often includes these events, but check below for offerings provided by each service area: