In the Works

The Career Services podcast

Series overview

Want career advice that's candid, fun and relevant? 

In each episode of In the Works, we sit down with a special guest and chat about what's new in the world of work. You'll get honest advice from someone who's been there, learn how you can turn your education experience into an exciting job, and hear some of their hilarious stories and conversations along the way. 

Episode 1: For the love of nature with Carmen Chelick

How do you turn a love of the outdoors into a fulfilling and challenging career? 

Carmen Chelick, founder of Biodigenous Consulting, explains how her biology background evolved into so much more. In this episode, we discuss entrepreneurship, why you need a mentor, and getting paid to be outside. Aired: December 21, 2020


Episode 2: Accidental careers with Deanne Arada

Sometimes the best career is the one you're not necessarily seeking.

Meet Deanne Arada (BSW '17), a counsellor in Ontario working with all kinds of people – individuals, couples, and families. She didn't expect to go into counselling at first but later realized her strengths of listening and asking questions was a great match. In this episode, find out how Deanne carved out a rewarding career in social work and how she navigates a healthy work-life balance. Aired: January 18, 2021

Episode 3: Start with what you know with Nora Molina

In this episode, we interview Nora Molina (BA '91 MBA '06), who is the director of UCalgary Career Services.

She's had an exciting career path, primarily working in post-secondary environments and the non-profit sector. It all started with the unique experiences she made for herself when she was a student at UCalgary — one thing led to another and ended with her landing an incredible (and what she calls "accidental") career. Aired: February 15, 2021