Women in Work

Join us on Saturday, March 7, 2020, as we talk leadership, equity and owning your career.

Let's talk: Leadership, equity and owning your career

Career Services and the Women's Resource Centre are partnering together to bring you Women in Work 2020, a one-day conference brimming with sessions that will inspire thought-provoking discussions around personal and professional achievement and owning one’s career.

By attending, you can learn how you can be a champion for equity in the workplace and also chart a path for career fulfillment and success. You'll also make meaningful connections with your fellow students and employers while learning how we can create an equal workplace for all.

  • Learn how we can all be champions for workplace equity 
  • Take charge of your personal and professional development
  • Build your intercultural capacity with Indigenous-focused workshops
  • Meet and network with students and industry professionals that are passionate about advancing equality in the workplace

A catered breakfast and lunch will be provided.

This event is free for all UCalgary students to attend. This event is also not just limited to women — we welcome everyone who is committed to advancing equity in the workplace and beyond.

Date: Saturday, March 7

Time: 8:30 – 4 p.m.

Location: MacEwan Ballroom


If you have any questions regarding Women in Work, get in touch with csstdnt@ucalgary.ca (students) or recruit@ucalgary.ca (employers).

Women in Work is a biennial conference that combines Career Service’s career conferences and the Women’s Resource Center’s Women’s Leadership Conference.

Sustainable Events Gold Badge

Women in Work is a gold-certified sustainable event. As the highest level of recognition available for sustainability at UCalgary, this event has successfully met 85% or more of sustainability measures outlined by the Office of Sustainability.


Mingle with other students and employers over breakfast and opening remarks.

  1. It's all about networking

    Learn how to network effectively, create and identify your own opportunities and utilize online job boards/sites to build your network.

    Led by Career Services

  2. Flourishing at work

    Are you interested in journeying into what is possible in our world of work? Would you like to explore what our future might hold? We will engage in a lively discussion exploring the future of work and what is needed to ensure we all flourish. What we can imagine we can co-create.

    Led by Kristan Nielson

  3. Leadership in social justice: Peace through engagement

    How can we step up to support newcomers and create social safety nets? Learn about the many ways you can lead social movements, large or small, to improve the lives of those in your communities. This session will also highlight local and international examples.

    Led by Saima Jamal

  4. Indigenous ways of doing: Leading from the middle

    Does being called a leader bring out the imposter syndrome in you? Do you switch from feeling like a goddess of supreme female empowerment to feeling overwhelmed?

    You – imperfect, stressed, tired, hopeful you are enough. Don’t believe me? Perfect. Let’s talk about it. Informed by Indigenous ways of knowing and being, popular culture and the experiences of a dedicated storyteller, this is a session about how to be your own kind of leader. 

    Led by Keeta Gladue

Over lunch, the Women's Resource Centre will be celebrating and honouring the recipients of the WRC Awards, presented to current students or UCalgary alumnae who exhibit wisdom, resiliency and compassion.

  1. Unfiltered perspectives from women and men in non-traditional roles

    Flip the script! Hear first-hand stories from individuals who opted to take the path less travelled, and where it took them in their careers.

    Led by Career Services

  2. Negotiating for success and the gender wage gap

    This session will draw attention to how you can proactively negotiate for conditions of personal and career success and assess ways you might be unknowingly undermining yourself.

    Learn how you can remain authentic and maintain interpersonal relationships while maximizing the value of negotiation by role-playing effective strategies for negotiation. 

    Led by Nancy Stapley and Marlene Cameron

  3. Indigenous ways of connecting: Wellness, healing and parallel paths

    Our wellness is, in many ways, tied to our surroundings. How do we take care of our mental health, body, spirit, and environment? Learn about mental health issues, accessing services and support and Indigenous healing practices.

    Led by Randi Sager

  4. Indigenous ways of knowing: The power of storytelling and connecting with community

    In the pursuit of truth and reconciliation, the practice of storytelling and employing Traditional Knowledge has returned (did it ever really leave?) as a powerful and compelling tool to educate and empower others. Learn about indigenous storytelling and how it shapes identities, realities, dreams, ideologies and beliefs with community engagement.

    Led by Reneltta Arluk

  1. Let's network!

    In this speed networking session, you can put your newfound skills and confidence to the test while connecting with a supportive community of employers. They’ll be available to provide you with valuable networking experience, mentorship and insight into career opportunities.

    Led by Career Services

  2. Leadership in the arts

    The arts are often misunderstood and underestimated. They form a uniquely powerful industry, driven by even more unique individuals. Learn how experience in the arts can be used to leverage opportunity, and how you can be a leader in your own right.

    Led by Patti Pon

  3. Social identities and the role of women

    In this session, you’ll explore the impact of intersectionality (social identities) on women and how marginalization is compounded by intersectionality. Today’s leaders need to understand the social implications of intersectionality and how this is constantly changing. This knowledge may lead to more effective leadership skills.

    Led by Linda Kongnetiman

  4. Indigenous ways of being: A small act of resistance

    This presentation is a story of how an unsettling experience in the urban terrain provoked an act of resistance, a tribute to her Michif ancestors –those who have gone before, and those who will come after her – and an intentional enactment to resist another colonial narrative swallowing her whole.

    Led by Vicki Bouvier

WRC Awards Ceremony

During lunch, participants will also celebrate the recipients of the Women's Resource Centre's Awards of Excellence. The lunchtime presentation ceremony will feature inspiring stories about the award recipients and their achievements and contributions. 

The WRC Awards of Excellence celebrate Women’s Wisdom, Resilience and Compassion are presented to an outstanding female student or alumna who has:

  • Achieved professional and/or academic excellence — Wisdom;
  • Overcome barriers and trailblaze for women — Resilience;
  • Made an outstanding contribution to the community and shown a demonstrated commitment to advancing women's issues — Compassion.


WRC Awards

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