Forensic Aspects of Driver Perception & Response, 3rd Edition

By Eugene Faber, Robert Dewar, Paul Olson

This third edition contains invaluable new information you need to know about driver perception and response, and related human factors and design issues. If you work with driver perception and response cases in any capacity, this book is an invaluable addition to your reference library.

This text contains the most current information available in the area of driver perception and perception-response time. Existing chapters have been expanded, and new chapters have been added to present completely new material on many related driver perception and response issues including:

  • Roadway design and the driver
  • Work zones
  • Railroad grade crossings
  • Roadway signage
  • Weather and driving
  • Driver distraction


Table of Contents

Published By: Lawyers & Judges

Published: January 2010

Pages: 494