Triumphs and Tragedies

Valiant Struggle of an Indo-Canadian Activist for Change

By Jagannath Wani

 300 pages + 24 pages of photographs

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 Families of schizophrenia patients often suffer far more than the patients themselves. Dr.Wani's courage and his steadfast journey through devastating circumstances will be both solace and inspiration for families undergoing similar dilemmas.

Dr. Wani is able to see beyond his own harrowing experiences to the larger issues surrounding mental health for which he became an advocate in India and Canada. Beyond mental health, Dr. Wani pursues also a lifelong commitment to helping the under privileged in his Indian homeland. Though he never was a millionaire, he procured several million dollars to help the destitute in India.

Dr. Wani is a multiculturalist, a visionary and an activist for change. In his life, he formed more than 18 organizations in the areas of education, culture and mental health. In the course of these pursuits he met many selfless social workers, renowned musicians, dancers, playwrights, authors and outstanding individuals in various fields. In this memoir, he presents a crisp account of his memorable experiences while in the company of these stalwarts.



... very interesting and very well written. ... amazing humanitarian work.

Brenda Rainnie,Dartmouth, Canada


... simple and lucid style ... interesting and inspiring ... recommended to my daughter, son,  nieces and nephews

Kumar Chugani, McAllen,TX, U.S.A.


... very captivating,... amazing and very inspirational.

Madhuri Joshi, New Jersey, U.S.A.


Very few in thisworld can do what you have achieved in the face of adversities.

Sunil Choubal, Saskatoon, Canada


...inspiring andheart wrenching ... most honestand sincere expression of ones life story

 Mehrun Nasrullah, Calgary, Canada


I finished reading your book in a single sitting. It made a compellingreading.

Shobha Shinde, Jalgaon,India


It is 11 pm now; whole day I was reading this wonderful journey.

Nilima Mishra,Bahadarpur, India


... anactivist-philanthropist ... not a word invoking fatalistic reasoning.

Uday Gokhale, Dombivli, India


... extremely interesting and immensely human.

Arvind Sardesai, Mumbai, India


... transparent, genuine and inspiring.

Vidyadhar Bapat, Pune, India


It was absorbing ... Your coolness and totally composed attitude towards personal problems can only be admired.  

Ratnakar Ratnaparkhi, Pune, India


... ability to handle huge stress is unbelievable.

Anil Gore, Pune, India

Table of Contents

Part 1 - Living and working with mentally ill

Chapter 1: Nightmares                                                  1

Chapter 2: Beyond Nightmares                                    19

Chapter 3: Marriages Are Made in Heaven                        35

Chapter 4: "Family Dynamics played out in Court"            53

Chapter 5: Around Litigation                                                69


Part 2 - On the career path

Chapter 6: New Horizons                                                  85           

Chapter 7: On the Career Path                                    103

Chapter 8: Turbulence                                                            119

Chapter 9: Retirement with Legacy                                    135


Part 3 - Bridging Miles and Minds

Chapter 10: Bridging Miles and Minds                        151

Chapter 11: Partners across the Bridge                        171

Chapter 12: Living Rooms to Concert Halls                        193

Chapter 13: Behind the Scenes                                    211

Chapter 14: Aspirations Transcend the Sky                        227

Chapter 15: "These Are All His Belongings ..."            249