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University of Calgary Calendar 2023-2024 Undergraduate Degrees with a Major
Undergraduate Degrees with a Major
Faculty Degree Years Major
Architecture, Planning and Landscape BDCI
Bachelor of Design in City Innovation
Arts BA 4 Ancient and Medieval History†*

4 Anthropology†*

BA, BSC 4 Archaeology†*

BA 4 Art History*

BA 4 Canadian Studies†*

BA 4 Communication and Media Studies†*

BCMS 4 Communication and Media Studies*
  BA, BFA 4 Dance

BFA 4 Drama

BSc 4 Earth Science†*

BA 4 East Asian Language Studies*

BA 4 East Asian Studies*

BA 4 Economics†*

BA 4 English†*

BA 4 Film Studies†*

BFS 4 Film Studies*

BA 4 French†*

BA 4 Gender and Sexuality Studies†*

BA, BSc 4 Geography†*

BA 4 German†*

BA 4
Global Development Studies†*

BA 4 Greek and Roman Studies†*

BA 4 History†*

BA 4 International Indigenous Studies*

BA 4 International Relations*

BA 4 Italian Studies*

BA 4 Language and Culture†*

BA 4 Latin American Studies*

BA 4 Law and Society†*

BA 4 Linguistics†*

BA 4 Linguistics and Language*

BA 4

BA 4 Music†

BMus 4

BA 4 Philosophy†*

BA 4 Political Science†*

BA, BSc 4 Psychology†*

BA 4 Religious Studies†*

BA 4 Russian†*

BA 4 Sociology†*

BA 4 Spanish†*

BA 4 Urban Studies*
  BFA 4 Visual Studies†*
Cumming School of Medicine BCR 4 Community Rehabilitation

BHSc 4 Bioinformatics††

BHSc 4 Biomedical Sciences††

BHSc 4 Health and Society††

MD 3 after preprof. Doctor of Medicine
Haskayne School of Business BComm 4 Commerce†*
Kinesiology BKin 4 Kinesiology†

BKin 4 Leadership and Coaching†

BKin 4

Motor and Psychosocial Aspects of Movement†

BSc 4 Biomechanics†

BSc 4 Exercise and Health Physiology†

BSc 4 Kinesiology†

BSc 4 Motor and Psychosocial Aspects of Movement†
Law JD 3 after preprof. Law
Nursing BN 4 Nursing
Schulich School of Engineering BSc 4 Biomedical Engineering***

BSc 4 Chemical Engineering***

BSc 4 Civil Engineering***

BSc 4 Electrical Engineering***

BSc 4 Energy Engineering***

BSc 4 Geomatics Engineering***

BSc 4 Mechanical Engineering***

BSc 4 Software Engineering***

BSc 4 Sustainable Systems Engineering***
Science BA 4 Computer Science†***

BSc 4 Actuarial Science†***

BSc 4 Applied Chemistry†**

BSc 4 Applied Mathematics†***

BSc 4 Astrophysics†***

BSc 4 Biochemistry†***

BSc 4 Biological Sciences†***

BSc 4 Cellular, Molecular and Microbial Biology†***

BSc 4 Chemistry†***

BSc 4 Computer Science†***

BSc 4 Ecology†***

BSc 4 Environmental Science†***

BSc 4 General Mathematics

BSc 4 Geology†***

BSc 4 Geophysics†***

BSc 4 Mathematics†***

BSc 4 Natural Sciences†***




BSc 4 Physics†***

BSc 4 Plant Biology†***

BSc 4 Pure Mathematics†

BSc 4 Statistics†

BSc 4 Zoology†***
Social Work BSW 4 Social Work
Veterinary Medicine DVM 4 Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Werklund School of Education


2 (after-degree)



2 (after-degree)





5 (concurrent)



5 (concurrent) Secondary

†Honours option available
††Honours only
*Co-operative Education option available
**Co-operative Education option only

*** Internship option available