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Course Load

Bachelor of Nursing (Regular Track and Post-Diploma)

The BNRT is a full-time professional Program. The PDBN is both full-time and part-time. The normal course load for the degree program in Qatar is 12-15 units per term. Students must complete all of the required courses as listed in 4. Program Details.

Only those students who attain a grade point average of 3.00 in a Fall or Winter Term will be permitted to register for a sixth course in the next term. Students must also obtain the expressed permission of the Associate Dean, Academic.

Nursing Foundation Program

Students admitted to the Nursing Foundation Program will be required to take all courses unless exemptions are provided in writing by UCQ. Exemption from any course is granted to students who meet one of the following criteria:

Science and Mathematics courses:

1. A mark of 65 per cent or higher in the corresponding high school course at the grade 12 level;
2. A mark of 70 per cent on the placement assessment for the course.

English Language:

1. Placement test which places the student at a higher level English Language course, or
2. Submission of a TOEFL or equivalent test score that meets admission requirements for direct entry into the Bachelor of Nursing, Regular Track or Post-Diploma.

Transfer Credit

Core nursing courses considered for advanced credit must have been completed within the last five years. There is no time limit on completion of support courses that include non-core nursing options. Granting of transfer credit is at the discretion of the University of Calgary in Qatar.

Students should be aware that advanced credits awarded to them are part of the basis on which they have been admitted to the University of Calgary in Qatar, and therefore are not used in the calculation of grade point averages for promotion purposes. However, in the case of Post-Diploma students, advanced credits will be used for graduation purposes in the calculation of Degrees with Distinction and the Gold Medal Award.

Students who are denied the transfer of credit may wish to seek credit by special assessment (see below).

Prospective students should consult with the Associate Dean, Academic if they are planning to take courses through another institution. Permission must be sought in advance of enrolment in courses through another institution.

Course Work at Other Institutions for Transfer of Credit – Visiting Student Status

Students may be authorized to take some of their program course work at another institution if their registration as a Visiting Student is acceptable to that institution, and if they are in good academic standing in the University of Calgary in Qatar. Permission for such authorization will be given on a Letter of Permission form and requires the approval of the Director of Student and Enrolment Services, University of Calgary in Qatar.

On completion of studies, it will be the responsibility of the student to ensure that official transcripts of grades are forwarded directly to the University of Calgary in Qatar Student and Enrolment Services Office so that appropriate credit may be awarded. Students are advised that taking courses at the end of their program may affect their graduation date. Please contact a Student Advisor for more information.

The Faculty of Nursing does not allow credit through special assessment for Core Nursing courses.

Credit in Courses by Special Assessment

Students wishing to complete nursing courses by special assessment must obtain written permission from the Associate Dean, Academic, on the appropriate form headed "Permission to Take Courses By Special Assessment." Students wishing to complete non-nursing courses by special assessment require the final approval of the Associate Dean, Academic in addition to that of the Department offering the course.

Courses previously failed or one in which a higher grade is sought may not be taken subsequently by special assessment, nor may any course be attempted more than once in this way. Not more than the equivalent of 30 units completed by special assessment may be counted towards a BN degree.

The Faculty of Nursing does not allow credit through special assessment for Core Nursing courses.