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University of Calgary Calendar 2019-2020 International Foundations Program R.1 Admission
R.1 Admission

Refer to A.11 English Language Proficiency in the Admission section of this Calendar for information regarding University of Calgary English Language Proficiency requirements.

Refer to A.11.1 International Foundations Program in the Admission section of this Calendar for information regarding IFP English Language Proficiency requirements.

A. IFP Pathways

Students who meet the admission requirements for the Haskayne School of Business, Schulich School of Engineering, or Faculty of Science degree programs, see A.5 and the minimum English language proficiency scores as outlined in A.11.1, may be admitted to the first year of an undergraduate academic program concurrent with English language and support courses.

Refer to the IFP website: for a step-by-step guideline on how to apply for IFP programs.

B. IFP Bridging

Students who meet the admission requirements for a faculty as outlined in A.5, except for the requirement of English Language Proficiency, can begin IFP Bridging after their degree application has been assessed for admission, with the condition of meeting the English language requirement prior to degree start. This route is available for the Faculties of Arts, Kinesiology, Schulich School of Engineering, Sciences and Graduate Studies. Students submit their application for admission for IFP Bridging by the deadlines as listed in A.3, as well as all required documentation in support of the application. Students begin this IFP Bridging program starting in September.

Students can begin IFP Bridging before or while they are applying for their University of Calgary degree program. Students apply using the Open Studies Application for Admission and submit all required supporting documentation by the deadline. Refer to A.3.B for deadline dates. Students using this entry route can begin IFP Bridging starting in September, January or May.

Note that IFP Bridging does not guarantee admission to a degree program.

IFPX courses can only be used for admission or as prerequisites for a period of two years from course completion date.

Refer to the IFP website: for a step-by-step guideline on how to apply to an IFP Bridging Program.