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University of Calgary Calendar 2023-2024 COURSES OF INSTRUCTION Course Descriptions P Public Policy PPOL
Public Policy PPOL
For more information about these courses, see the School of Public Policy:
Public Policy 600       The Study of Public Policy
Provides an introduction to the study of public policy, focusing on defining the boundaries of public policy and approaches to the study of public policy. Introduces the research, communication and professional competencies of public policy professionals.
Course Hours:
3 units; (3-0)
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Public Policy 602       Markets and Public Policy
Examines the working of the aggregate economy and uses concepts from microeconomic theory to allow for informed discussion of complex public policy problems. Topics include contrasting macroeconomics and microeconomics; gross domestic product; economic growth and business cycles; unemployment; monetary policy and inflation; welfare and efficiency; government interventions in markets; externalities; public goods; labour market and wage; inequality and redistribution; and uncertainty.
Course Hours:
4 units; (4-1T)
Also known as:
(formerly Public Policy 605)
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Public Policy 604       Communicating Policy
Examines aspects of communication and persuasion in the context of policy, including the impact of new modes of communication on the development and dissemination of public policy. Theoretical and practical actions in communicating to persuade; the nature and object of public opinion research; crisis communications; the role of trust in effective communication; the impact and management of the turn to social media; and the theory and practice of political communication. Course evaluation focuses on pragmatic skills and the ability to apply theoretical concepts under real-world conditions.
Course Hours:
2 units; (2-0)
Also known as:
(formerly Public Policy 621)
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Public Policy 607       Politics and Strategy
How public policy issues emerge and how they are developed, refined, and influenced by the political process. The roles and influences of NGOs, interest groups, the media, political parties, and social protest on the development of new public policies. Development of advocacy and government relations strategies. Genres of persuasive policy writing and communications.
Course Hours:
3 units; (3-1T)
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Public Policy 609       Decision Analysis
The focus is on the foundations, applications and use of quantitative methods commonly used in decision making in the public and private sectors. Included are methods such as impact analysis, cost-benefit analysis, surveys, game theory and risk management tools.
Course Hours:
3 units; (3-0)
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Public Policy 615       Public Finances
An overview of government finances and the restrictions on policy choices resulting from the need for governments to satisfy a budget constraint. Tax policy, the appropriate design of expenditure policies, policies with respect to deficits and debt, and issues of intergovernmental relations will be examined.
Course Hours:
3 units; (3-0)
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Public Policy 617       Regulation and the Law
The role of international and national legal institutions in determining public policy choices. Legal research and interpretation.
Course Hours:
3 units; (3-0)
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Public Policy 619       Governance, Institutions and Public Policy
Indigenous governance, federalism and multi-level governance. Research using government documents. Formal genres of policy writing and communications.
Course Hours:
3 units; (3-1T)
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Public Policy 623       Capstone Project
Students apply the skills they have learned to the completion of a capstone project which investigates a well-defined issue of public policy. The final capstone project is expected to be a substantive, well-researched, focused and highly professional document. Work on the capstone project will be guided by a School of Public Policy faculty member and may include input provided by an expert from the private sector or public sector.
Course Hours:
3 units; (9-0)
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Public Policy 699       Topics in Public Policy
Study of selected topics related to Public Policy and related subjects. Specific course(s) will reflect changing needs and faculty interests.
Course Hours:
3 units; (3-0)
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