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University of Calgary Calendar 2023-2024 Academic Regulations H. Graduation H.9 Academic Dress H.9.1 Hoods
H.9.1 Hoods

Hoods are established in accordance with the guidelines provided by the North American Intercollegiate Code. Faculty/credential colours are as follows:

School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape - russet

Faculty of Arts - white*

BA - white

BCS - silver grey

BFA - brown

BMUS - pink

BSc - golden yellow

Cumming School of Medicine - dark green

Faculty of Graduate Studies - philosophy blue*

EdD, MEd, MC - light blue

DBA, MBA, MMgmt - sapphire blue

DDes, MArch, MEDes, MLand, MPlan - russet

LLM - purple

MA, MSS - white

MCE - light green

MDCS, MPA - dark green

MEng & MSc (Eng) - orange

MFA - brown

MKin - sage green

MMus - pink

MN - apricot

MPP - turquoise

MSc, MBT, MGIS - golden yellow

MSW - citron yellow

PhD - philosophy blue

Graduate Certificates and Diplomas - colour of discipline

Haskayne School of Business - sapphire blue

Faculty of Kinesiology - sage green*

BKin - sage green

BSc - golden yellow

Faculty of Law - purple

Faculty of Nursing - apricot

Schulich School of Engineering - orange

Faculty of Science - golden yellow*

BA - white

BSc - golden yellow

Faculty of Social Work - citron yellow

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - grey*

DVM - asphalt

Werklund School of Education - light blue

University of Calgary

Inclusive Education Program - Olympic red

*Indicates the stole colour for the dean when there are different hood colours for the degrees within the faculty.

1. For the Bachelors' and Masters' degrees, the University of Calgary uses a black hood lined with the University colours, gold with red chevron, and trimmed with the colour indicating the subject of the degree, in a silk-like material. Graduate Certificate and Diploma programs graduands wear the bachelor's hood of the faculty offering the credential.

2. For Inclusive Education Program, the University of Calgary uses a black associate’s hood with an Olympic red trim chevron.

3. Doctoral degrees: PhD hood: The body is doctors' scarlet, with a lining of gold and a chevron of scarlet with a three-inch trim at the edge (inside and out) of philosophy blue. Professional Doctorate hood: conforms to the Intercollegiate Code in shape, size and colour. The trim colour is the same as the masters' hood.

4. For Honorary Doctorates of the University of Calgary (LLD) the hoods have a body in gold, lined in doctors' scarlet with a gold chevron. The trim is a one-inch band of white silk edged with a three-inch band of scarlet velvet, the configuration follows that of the PhD hood.

5. The honorary degree Doctor of the University of Calgary (DUC) has been awarded previously. The hood is similar to the LLD hood without the white band.