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Summary of Changes for the 2023-2024 Calendar
University of Calgary Calendar 2023-2024 Academic Regulations G. Examinations and Tests G.3 Final Assessments G.3.4 Deferral of Final Assessments
G.3.4 Deferral of Final Assessments

Deferred Final Assessments are final assessments scheduled by the Registrar for students unable to write regularly scheduled final examinations during the final examination period as defined in the Academic Schedule. Eligibility to defer a final assessment is allowed in the following circumstances: debilitating illness, unforeseen crisis, severe domestic affliction, religious conviction or absence due to a faculty-approved activity. Students who have three final assessments within 24 hours are permitted to request one of the three assessments be deferred to the deferred examination period.

Information on how to apply for a Deferred Final Examination is available from the Office of the Registrar at

Deferred final examinations will not be granted if a student:

  • Misses a final exam without just cause.
  • Personal scheduling conflicts (e.g., travel during the final examination period).
  • Misreads the exam schedule.
  • Submits a final exam for marking.
  • Completes less than 50 per cent of the graded work in a course as determined by the instructor of record.

The authority to grant or deny a deferred final examination rests with the dean of the faculty (or designate) in which the student is registered.

Notification of Assessment Conflict

Students must inform their faculty advising office within 10 business days after the release of the exam schedule of any assessment conflicts due to religious conviction, three assessments in 24 hours, two assessments scheduled at the same time or expected absence due to a faculty-approved activity.

Students who do not provide appropriate notification may not be approved for a deferred final assessment.

Debilitating Illness or Unforeseen Crisis

A. Prior to a Scheduled Final Assessment

Students must inform their faculty as soon as possible if they are unable to attend a scheduled final assessment. Typically, this would be done via email to the instructor, the dean (or designate) or as per approved faculty regulations. Students will be required to provide supporting documentation (for more information, see M.1. Supporting Documentation and the Use of a Statutory Declaration). Students are responsible for any costs that may be associated with obtaining supporting documentation.

B. During a Scheduled Assessment

If a crisis/illness occurs during an assessment that prevents a student from continuing with the assessment, the student must report to the course instructor (or equivalent), hand in the unfinished assessment and request the assessment be cancelled. Normally, students are not permitted to request a cancellation of their assessment once 50 per cent of the assessment time has passed. Students will be required to provide supporting documentation confirming the illness/crisis experienced during the assessment.

In either situation (A. or B. above), the application and supporting documentation must normally be provided no later than two business days after the scheduled assessment. Students who do not apply for a Deferred Final Examination within this time-period will not be considered for a deferred final assessment.

Scheduling of Deferred Assessments

Normally, deferred assessments will be scheduled prior to the end of the course change period of the term immediately following the final exam period*.

Deferred final assessments are scheduled by the Office of the Registrar and a timetable will be made available at: one week prior to the deferred examination period. Students writing a deferred final assessment must consult this timetable to determine the exact date and time of their deferred assessment.

A deferred final assessment will be different in content and/or format from the original final examination.

Students in their graduating year who defer Winter Term final assessments may not graduate until the Fall convocation ceremony.

Normally, deferred final assessments may not be deferred a second time nor will students be eligible for a late withdraw. Requests for late withdraws will not be considered when a student does not attend a deferred assessment without sufficient cause.

*Does not apply to the Cumming School of Medicine (MD program only) and the Faculties of Law and Veterinary Medicine.

Limitations and Misuse of Deferred Assessment Regulations

Students who request multiple deferred exams will be required to meet with a faculty advisor, the Student Success Centre or Student Wellness Services after the fourth deferred exam request; this is cumulative and applies to all studies pursued at the University of Calgary. Students may be required to reduce their course load in future terms or participate in exam preparation workshops.

Misuse of the deferred assessment regulation, falsifying documentation or false statements made on any of the documentation provided for a deferred examination will be considered academic misconduct and is subject to the academic misconduct regulations outlined in section K. Integrity and Conduct of this calendar.