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University of Calgary Calendar 2020-2021 COURSES OF INSTRUCTION Course Descriptions A Architecture, Planning and Landscape APLA
Architecture, Planning and Landscape APLA

For more information about these courses, see the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape

Architecture, Planning and Landscape 670       Design Research Methods
An introductory overview to the variety of research methods and project-based inquiries pursued in the professional design disciplines of architecture, planning and landscape architecture. Anchored on the premise that design is a process of inquiry as to how we shape our world and recognizes the intense complexities and emerging challenges addressed in the way humanity creates buildings, cities, habitats and environments.
Course Hours:
3 units; (0-6)
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Architecture, Planning and Landscape 672       Design Research Writing
Knowledge translation, written communication and dissemination are key skills for design researchers. Addresses effective writing approaches in the development of research proposals, research abstracts, conference presentations, research paper submissions for peer review, and thesis documentation.
Course Hours:
3 units; (0-6)
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Architecture, Planning and Landscape 674       Design Innovation
Examines theories, precedents and strategies at the heart of novel and innovative design research, design responses, and approaches to design practice. Teaches design entrepreneurship and innovation skills crucial to advancing the impact of design research and its far-reaching implications within the built environment.
Course Hours:
3 units; (0-6)
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Architecture, Planning and Landscape 680       Design Practice Research Project Definition
Introduction to practice research in the design fields. Explores the differences between first professional degree training, traditional PhD research and design-based creative practice research by learning to contextualize existing professional expertise and experience.
Course Hours:
3 units; (0-6)
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Architecture, Planning and Landscape 682       Contexts of Design Practice Research
Exploration of diverse contexts crucial to a research question and development of skills associated with the evaluation and use of extant research. The effects on design research of social, political, economic, and cultural contexts, as well as of academic and professional practices, are considered through the assessment of academic literature, case studies, and symposia presentations. Develops an understanding of how contexts impact the researcher, the research question, the choice of research methods, dissemination of research, and other aspects of practice research.
Course Hours:
3 units; (0-6)
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Architecture, Planning and Landscape 684       Strategies for Design Practice Research
Compares alternative strategies for conducting practice research in the design disciplines. Emphasizes discussions regarding the appropriateness and limitations of different approaches and methodologies through examination of academic literature, practice research case studies, and the research of peers in the symposium. The research process, drawing conclusions, and reporting findings also are examined with a view toward the student's crafting their research proposal and work plan in advance of preparation for candidacy field of study examination.
Course Hours:
3 units; (0-6)
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