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University of Calgary Calendar 2023-2024 Admissions A.13 Transfer Credit/Advanced Standing A.13.1 International Baccalaureate (IB) Program
A.13.1 International Baccalaureate (IB) Program

The University of Calgary awards up to a full year of transfer credit (30 units) for the completed International Baccalaureate diploma. Specific advanced standing or placement for Higher Level courses are awarded provided a minimum grade of "5" or higher is achieved. The balance of credit (including credit for Higher Level courses with grades below "5") required to bring the total to 30 units will be at the junior unassigned option level. In the case of advanced credit, a grade of "CR" will be recorded on the student's record.

Applicants who have not completed the diploma will receive advanced standing or placement as set out below for each Higher Level course completed with a grade of "5" or above. Junior unassigned option credit beyond that set out below is not available to students who do not complete the full IB diploma. Official IB transcripts are required as part of the evaluation process.

Students awarded advanced credit or advanced placement for IB courses should consult their faculty regarding course selection. Note that if advanced credit is awarded for a 200-level course that is a prerequisite for a 300-level course, students will be permitted to enter the 300-level course in first year.

Higher level IB courses approved for advanced credit or advanced placement are:

IB Subject University of Calgary Equivalent
Anthropology Anthropology 203
Biology Biology 243*
Business Management
3 units junior Management†
Chemistry Chemistry 201/203 or 209 (Engineering only)
Computer Science Computer Science 231 and 3 units junior Computer Science**† or Digital Engineering 233 (Engineering only)
Dance 333 and Dance 427
Economics Economics 201/203
English A (Literature or Language and Literature) 3 units junior English†
French A1 or A Literature French 315
French A2 or A Language/Literature French 227
French B French 213
Geography Geography 205 and 3 units junior Geography†
German A1 or A Literature German 333
German A2 or A Language/Literature German 331
German B German 204
Global Politics Political Science 283
History 6 units junior History†
Italian A1 or A Literature Italian 303
Italian A2 or A Language/Literature Italian 301
Italian B Italian 203
Latin Latin 301/303
Mathematics Mathematics 249
Mathematics (Further) Mathematics 265 or 275 (Engineering only)
Music Advanced Placement (Based on audition/placement tests, students may be given advanced placement and permitted to take selected Music courses by "Special Assessment.")
Philosophy 3 units junior Philosophy†
Physics Physics 221/223
Psychology Psychology 200
Russian A1 or A Literature Russian 303
Russian A2 or A Language/Literature Russian 301
Russian B Russian 209
Spanish A1 or A Literature Spanish 303
Spanish A2 or A Language/Literature Spanish 301
Spanish B Spanish 203
Sports, Exercise and Health Science
3 units junior Kinesiology†
Drama 242
Visual Art Art 231/233

*Students awarded Biology 243 credit for AP Biology or IB Higher Level Biology will still be required to complete Biology 241.
**Students who successfully complete a challenge examination may receive credit for Computer Science 233 in lieu of the junior Computer Science.
†"Junior" refers to credit at the 200 level, but for which no direct University of Calgary equivalency exists.