Dr. Danielle Petricone-Westwood

Fellow - Postdoctoral - Psychosocial Oncology

TRACTION - Oncology

Ph.D., Registered Provisional Psychologist

CIHR-SPOR TRACTION 2020-2021 & Psychosocial Oncology Fellow, Tom Baker Cancer Centre, CancerCare Alb

Research and teaching

Research Project

Program Development and Evaluation of Interdisciplinary Rounds for Indigenous Patients with Cancer


Supervisor: Dr. Linda E. Carlson

My experience in psychosocial oncology began during my undergrad in 2011. My Honours thesis studied couples with one member undergoing a bone marrow transplant for a hematological cancer. I then worked at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre for two years as a research analyst on a randomized control trial for a novel psychotherapy for advanced cancer patients. I completed my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the University of Ottawa where I specialized clinically in health psychology and in trauma-informed care. My doctoral research studied partners of patients with ovarian cancer, where I found that unmet caregiving needs predicted poorer mental health among these caregivers. My thesis noted that cancer care depends tremendously on informal caregivers, but caregivers are under-supported and underserved by cancer institutions. I hoped to continue to study populations who were underserved by cancer care institutions. In collaboration with a team of patient navigators and educators, we developed Interdisciplinary Rounds for Indigenous Patients affected by Cancer, which is the focus on my current post-doctoral research. By facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration, I hope to improve cancer care for these underserved populations both in my research program and clinical practice.


Outside of work, I love music and attending concerts, hiking and exploring the Rocky Mountains, and traveling as much as possible.


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

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Invited Non-Refereed Articles

  1. Petricone-Westwood, D. (2017). The decriminalization of Medical Assistance in Dying in Canada: an essential time for dialogue. Landmark Report from the annual meeting of the Canadian Association of Psychosocial Oncology. Oncology Exchange, 16(3), 18-19.


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External grants:

2019                    Canadian Psychological Association, Campus Initiative Grant, Student Section, $500

  • Awarded for the student mental health literacy club, the 1 in 5 Initiative

Internal grants:

2018                    Murray Brown Fund, University of Ottawa, $3000

  • Awarded for the student mental health literacy club, the 1 in 5 Initiative




External awards:


2020-2021           TRACTION Program, Canadian Institute of Health Research, $2500

2017-2020           Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarships Doctoral Scholarship, $105000

2017-2018           Ontario Graduate Scholarship (declined), $15000

2016-2017           Ontario Graduate Scholarship, $15000


Internal awards:


2018                    Research Bursary—Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ottawa, $2500

  • Awarded to facilitate completion of doctoral thesis study recruitment across different Canadian cities

2017                    Melody Matte Award—School of Psychology, University of Ottawa, $1000

  • Awarded for embodying a balanced lifestyle by engaging in extracurricular activities and promoting wellness within the Clinical Psychology Program

2016                    Interdisciplinary Psychosocial Oncology Research Laboratory and Group—Trainee Award, University of Ottawa, $175

  • Awarded to present own psychosocial oncology research at an academic conference

2012    First Prize—Student Poster Competition Winner, University of Ottawa’s Women’s Health Research Day, $500