Andrew McLennan

Research Assistant

Oncology - Psychosocial

B.A - Psychology, Honours

University of Calgary, 2019

Contact information

Research and teaching


Preferences for and barriers to cannabis use in cancer care: A survey study of cancer patients and oncology health care providers


Supervisor - Dr. Linda E. Carlson 

Andrew began working in the Carlson lab as a psychology honour’s student in 2018. He continued working in the lab under the Markin USRP Research in Health and Wellness scholarship and is currently employed as a research assistant. Broadly, Andrew’s research interests focus on the development and progression of cancer and other chronic illness. He is interested in complimentary therapies for reducing psychological and physical distress, such as mindfulness and cannabis use, as well as the impacts of behaviour change techniques for improving health outcomes for patients. Andrew intends on pursuing graduate studies in clinical psychology. On a personal level, Andrew enjoys staying active, spending quality time with his friends and family, and getting out to the mountains.


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Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids (CCIC) Trainee Research Spotlight Award. 2020

Markin USRP Research in Health and Wellness Scholarship: 2019