Feb. 8, 2023

What is Lab NEXT?

Explore Lab NEXT at UCalgary and experience our Makerspace, collaboration rooms, and high-performance computers!
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Lab NEXT provides UCalgary with access to various technologies and spaces designed for teaching, learning and research. Lab NEXT features a Makerspace, collaboration spaces, Virtual Reality equipment, and so much more! These services are available to members of the University of Calgary community including students, faculty and staff.

Lab NEXT features a Makerspace that provides access to technologies including 3D printing, laser cutting, sewing and embroidery. Consultations are available to provide instructions on how to use different software, find appropriate research topics, and offer guidance around literature reviews and assignments. The Makerspace provides UCalgary with access to various equipment and services for projects and DIY making!

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Additionally, Lab NEXT offers Virtual Reality (VR) equipment intended for teaching, learning, and research. Our Virtual Reality spaces include multiple VR headsets, a high-performance PC with dual 4K monitors, and a roomscale play space which are used specifically for VR content creation, research, and development. The use of VR is regularly applied to our architecture program, allowing students to experience the human scale of architecture in “real life” and grasp the conceptual elements of their project! View an example of the full VR experience here.

Lab NEXT also offers a Visualization Studio, a “34.5-million, touch-enabled, high resolution display wall designed to provide researchers with significant visual real estate for working with digital information.” This studio offers a wide array of features including data analysis, examination of high-resolution imagery and multi-display interfaces.

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Additional Lab NEXT services and technologies include:

Lab NEXT is an amazing way for students and staff to create unique projects, develop your research and experience the technologies we offer. In addition to providing access to spaces and equipment, Lab NEXT frequently hosts workshops to learn about various topics and offers brief consultations before accessing our services. Learn more about Lab NEXT here to find out how you can use these services when you start your journey with UCalgary!

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