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September 20, 2010

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Killam Trust Awards: Part one of five
Pilot, runner, researcher and—above all—dedicated teacher, Dr. Ayo Jeje.

Preparing for the "real world"
Disorientation Week aims to help students transition from carrying backpacks to briefcases.

Music and faith
Pianist and Reverend Professor Jeremy Begbie explores how music enriches faith in this year's Peter Craigie Memorial Lecture.

Campus Connection

Campus recreation
The Aquatic Centre re-opens today.

UC Idol
U of C student song stylings are sure to rock the Foothills Medical Centre on Oct. 1 during the UC Idol competition. Tickets go on sale today.

The President wants to hear from you
Final Shaping our Future session.



> Carving out our role in the world: making the G-8/G-20 work for Canada
> Mobility services information session
> Post Award Research eProcurement info session
> Outdoor Centre presentation: Don't get snowed in!

September 21
> Restorative Justice in Iraq: Martha McManus lecture
> Post Award Research eProcurement info session

September 22
> Terrestrial ecosystems during international polar year
> Post Award Research eProcurement info session
> The Sound of Freedom: Music of Liberation

September 24
> Turning People into Pigeons: Tacit learning of structure and judgments of style

September 25-26
> Vet-U-Can

September 27
> Dialogue with the President

September 28
> Science Café
> The Antarctica Challenge: A Global Warning

September 29
> Adventures in Technology Commercialization
> UC Dance: Professional Series I

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