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September 15, 2009

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Six U of C faculty elected to Royal Society of Canada
Eighteenth century French portraits, showing a person reading a book, a letter or a musical score, hold special fascination for humanities professor Anthony Wall.

National fuel cells research network launched at U of C.

The icing on the cake
Expert in working with abused children awarded scholarship.

Garangou celebrations
Candy and costumes lead to cultural exchange at UCQ.

Employment Equity Survey for faculty and staff
The U of C is participating in a university-wide employment equity review conducted by the Federal Contractors Program.  Faculty and staff are invited to complete an Employment Equity Survey by Sept. 30.

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The Financial Post
Sept. 4/09
Oilpatch will suffer if U.S. cracks down on speculators

The continuing hearings about the rise in oil prices last year and this are taking place far away from Calgary, but if the U.S. Commodities Futures and Trading Commission goes ahead with imposing limits on hedging oil, it could have serious consequences for Alberta's oil patch. "The CFTC could turn the lights out in Calgary," said Philip Verleger, professor at the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary, following his testimony at the hearings.

Sept. 8/09
Severed gecko tails have a mind of their own

Even after they’re no longer connected to a lizard brain, gecko tails can flip, jump and lunge in response to their environment—and may even be able to evade predators.
“We expected a series of rhythmic movements that would slow down over time,” said biologist Anthony Russell of the University of Calgary, who co-authored the paper published Wednesday in Biology Letters. “What we found, however, was that the tail would flip left-right-left-right for awhile, and then do a jump, pivot around, and do another flip.”

The Lethbridge Herald
Sept. 2/09
Homegrown solution

Province-wide standards are being proposed to ensure Albertans don’t get burned by unwittingly buying or renting homes formerly used as marijuana growing operations.

The proposed guidelines are based on work by a team of researchers from the University of Calgary. Right now, there is no consistent standard for what constitutes a satisfactory remediation for former grow op houses, said Tang Lee, the U of C environmental design professor who led the research project.


Sept. 15
Reading by smsteele, Canadian War Poet

Sept. 17
> The Federal Deficit: Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don’t
> Trees, Poets and Wrestlers: Markin-Flanagan writers-in-residence read from their memoirs

Sept. 23
> Markin USRP in Health & Wellness Student Research Symposium
> Arctic Institute Speaker Series: Six-foot Tall Beavers and Three-toed Horses: What the past tells us about the future of Arctic climate change

Sept. 24
> UTI Speaker Series: Innovative Research, Global Benefits

Sept. 25 & 26
> Program of Dance Professional Series: The Power of One, Plus One, Plus…

Sept. 28
> Thinking About a Hip or Knee Replacement? Register by Sept. 23.

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