University of Calgary

September 13, 2011


Daring feats of translation
Writer-in-Residence working on Old Icelandic poetry.

A place to call their own
University of Calgary THRIVE Centre provides wellness haven for cancer patients and survivors.

Students discover technology wonders at TFDL
The new library is up and running on each floor.

Researchers crack genetic codes for medicinal plant species
Canadian scientists open gene database to public, create new opportunities for biotechnology industry.

Campus Connection

Welcoming the Class of 2015
More photos from Fall Orientation Week. View Slideshow


Sept. 9
Drinking turns deadly

Sept. 3
Calgary Herald
Nill is 'happy' to coach college football, for now

Sept. 2
Calgary Sun
Veteran gives Dinos double-threat

Aug. 29
Ottawa Citizen
Parents fear impact of fewer teachers, support staff in Calgary schools


Sept. 14
» Faith and Spirituality Centre - Name Reveal
» Women's Worlds 2011: The Next Steps
» Emeritus Association: From the Eyes of a Visitor to Japan and China

Sept. 15
» Cinderella: Enchanted Edition
» Calgary Distinguished Writers Program celebrates writers-in-residence

Sept. 16
» Cinderella: Enchanted Edition

Sept. 17
» Cinderella: Enchanted Edition
» Rothney Astrophysical Observatory Open House
» The Blackbird Sings: Music for Flute and Piano

Sept. 19
» Empirical Software Engineering International Week
» Invisible Children: documentary screening
» The King James Bible Then and Now: how a 1611 translation has impacted the English language

Sept. 20
» Empirical Software Engineering International Week
» Science & Engineering Fair
» United Way Kick-Off BBQ Lunch
» The History of the King James Bible as Literature and Sacred Text
» Scholars Academy Program Reception

Sept. 21
» Empirical Software Engineering International Week
» Deviant Burial in the Archaeological Record

Sept. 22
» Empirical Software Engineering International Week
» Approaches to Animal Health Risk Assessment
» Academic Women's Association: The Next Steps
» Nan Ellin with the US Consulate Speaks to the EVDS
» Louise and Richard Guy Lecture VI - Canonical Forms - A mathematician's view of musical canons
» Quantum Technologies for the 21st Century

Sept. 23
» Empirical Software Engineering International Week
» Fridays with the Faculty
» Vandana Shiva: Meet & Greet Reception

Sept. 24
» A Morning with Vandana Shiva: Making Peace with the Earth
» The Amazing James Randi

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