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October 7, 2010

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President to focus on pride, accountability and impact
Community collaboration key element in University of Calgary's strategic growth plans.

President Installation
Missed yesterday's President Installation ceremony? Find out what you missed by reading Dr. Elizabeth Cannon's address and view photos of the event on the Installation ceremony webpage or watch the Welcome to Our Future video.

Leadership is within all of us
Mark Tewksbury, Olympic gold medallist, courageous sports advocate and former Dino, motivated, inspired and helped students find their inner champion Tuesday night as part of the President Installation events.

WordFest Comes to Campus
Ten authors are coming to the University of Calgary as part of WordFest Oct. 13-15.

Campus Connection

Learning and teaching at the U of C
Join the Institutional Learning and Teaching Task Force this Friday at noon to hear research findings about faculty members’ perceptions on learning and teaching at the University of Calgary.

Dinos in Action

Dinos get involved in the community
Competing at a high level of athletics while maintaining a solid GPA doesn't leave much room for anything else, unless you're a Dino.

Wear red. Show your Dino pride.
Red Friday—game day—is tomorrow.



> The cradle and the crossroads: democracy at war
> Department of Chemistry: Dr. Chad Mirkin lecture series
> What was Edmund Spenser complaining about in The Complaints (1591)?

October 8
> Faculty perceptions on learning and teaching at the U of C
> The geometry of space (and time) around us
> Oktoberfest races at the Olympic Oval

October 9
> Terror from the skies! Rothney Astrophysical Observatory open house
> Oktoberfest races at the Olympic Oval

October 10
> A woman among warlord's: struggle for Afghanistan
> Oktoberfest races at the Olympic Oval

October 12
> The Nickle at noon: diogenes lecture

October 13
> WordFest: Cyberpunks Unite!
> Ortszeit - local time: images of German reunification

October 14
> WordFest: Marc Levy et Pascale Quiviger
> WordFest: Office Hours: Industry Insiders
> The role of sound-to-meaning correspondences in word learning
> The Nickle at noon: unravelling the yarns—war rugs and soldiers

October 15
> PeaceTalk: toward a framework of trustbuilding in community

More events: