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October 15, 2010

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University of Calgary Downtown Campus opens
The first in a string of buildings to open this academic year, the University of Calgary Downtown Campus officially welcomes the downtown community and its first occupant—Continuing Education.

Conservation an inevitable part of anthropology research
University of Calgary anthropologists are studying the impact habitat loss due to human disturbances on non-human primates.

Enhancing the student experience
The University of Calgary is getting international recognition for its innovation and commitment to enhancing student experience and student success.

Education student helps Haiti rebuild
"What I did on my summer vacation" takes on a whole new meaning for Faculty of Education student.

Campus Connection

Quality Money—create your legacy
The Students' Union is currently accepting proposals and applications for Quality Money projects.

Person's Day Breakfast
Before 1929, Canadian women were not considered "people" under the law. On October 18, 1929, the 'Persons Case' established that women are persons under the law in Canada.


Calgary Herald
October 13, 2010
Poet finds place at U of C program

October 12, 2010
Casing coyotes

Montreal Gazette
September 27, 2010
Parents of fat kids refuse to see problem: Doctor survey



> PeaceTalk: toward a framework of trustbuilding in community
> WordFest: ¡Hola!
> WordFest: Ciao!
> Fridays with the Faculty: Dr. Jim Dewald
> SurfNet Industry Open House
> Yavneh—the second Jerusalem: new insights from archaeological excavations
> Rights theory and animal rights
> Nike in Olympia: an athlete's ambition
> Early 6th century BCE Laconian pottery at Miletus
> Women's Hockey: Dinos vs. Lethbridge
> Women's Rugby: Dinos vs. Lethbridge
> Blunder or brilliance? Was Einstein right about being wrong?

October 16
> Men's Hockey: Dinos vs. Lethbridge

October 18
> Lost! slideshow
> iS2 Project: integrated service delivery information session
> From a cough to a coffin: the child's medical experience in Britain and France, 1762-1884

October 19
> Sound judgment: the lawyer's most important attribute

October 20
> Speaker Series: Adventures in Technology Commercialization
> iS2 Project: integrated service delivery information session

October 21
> The Nickle at noon: open access and collections

October 21-24
> Long track skating tryouts for Canada's World Cup Team

October 22
> Exploring the virtual Arctic: 3D modelling Arctic archaeology
> U of C Alumnus & social justice "hero", Ben Perrin
> Human Trafficking in Canada

October 24
> The role of sound-to-meaning correspondences in word learning

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