University of Calgary

Oct. 9, 2008

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Fewer youth in Alberta’s justice system

Study shows significant decrease of youth in courts and custody without increase in crime.

Q&A with Fred Rosmanitz

Fred Rosmanitz, director of student services at University of Calgary—Qatar, is working to enhance the student experience and attract more men and women from the Gulf Region. UToday talks with Rosmanitz.

Med student looks outside city limits

Eric Bly’s interest in rural medicine led him to win the Tarrant scholarship— Alberta's largest unrestricted medical school undergraduate award.

It's the Bloody Cup 2008

Faculties are competing to see who can donate the most units of blood. Last year, donors from 11 faculties participated, helping to save over 280 lives.


- All Candidates Debate
- Culture Wars in American Educational Politics
Oct. 10
- Artist's Talk: Old Sun
Oct. 11
- Buffalo Boy's Battle of Little Bighorny