University of Calgary

Oct. 7, 2008

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Canadian policy considerations in the Middle East

School of Policy Studies kicks off lecture series with two speakers on one day: Prince Talal bin Mohammed of Jordan and Brig. General Dani Arditi, head of Israel’s National Security Council.

Calgary grad students want out of the Canadian Federation of Students

The Graduate Students’ Association is petitioning to leave the Canadian Federation of Students and this initiates an April 2009 referendum giving students a direct say in their federal lobbying direction. 

Closer to understanding how disease spreads

Building on work done earlier this year, research done in the labs of George Chaconas and Paul Kubes is helping scientists have a better understanding of how pathogens move through a host.


- Lunch and Learn:
Food in the Fast Lane
Oct. 8
- Commercialization of University Research: How Are We Doing?
- University Press presents Literature at lunch
Oct. 9
- Culture Wars in American Educational Politics