University of Calgary

Oct. 6, 2008

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Emergency Preparedness Week starts TODAY

This week, all major buildings on campus will have an evacuation drill. You will need to leave the building and go to your assigned assembly point. All drill times and assembly points can be found online. Be safe. Be prepared. Know your assembly point.

High levels of air pollution may increase the risk of appendicitis

“In developing countries appendicitis rarely occurs; however, as these nations become industrialized the incidence of appendicitis increases,” says Dr. Gilaad G. Kaplan, Faculty of Medicine.

World’s mammals facing threats around the globe

Faculty of Environmental Design professor Cormack Gates is a co-author of a landmark study that details the challenges facing the world’s mammals.


- Emergency Preparedness Week (Oct. 6-10)
- Technology and Innovation in a Carbon Constrained World
- Medical Implications
of Nuclear Power
Oct. 7
- Lunch and Learn:
Food in the Fast Lane
Oct. 8
- Commercialization of University Research: How Are We Doing?