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Oct. 31, 2008

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UCalgary professor earns $1 million grant

One of the most well known professors at the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Medicine has been awarded a grant worth more than $1 million dollars.

Engineering internship photo contest winners

From more than 60 entries capturing images from both national and international placements, here are the 12 winners of the inaugural Schulich School of Engineering Internship photo contest.

Boy-Meets-Girl Musical pokes fun at
“boy-meets-girl” musicals

Hello…Hello continues Department of Drama season. 


- The Permanent Campaign: The Evolution of Political Campaigning in Canada
- Cinematic Takes on the Quest for the Holy Grail
- Don Juan in Chicago
(until Nov. 1)
Nov. 1
Diabetes Awareness Day
Nov. 3-21
Do You Know What I Mean? The Lived Experiences of Sex Trade Workers in Calgary
Nov. 4
- My Market
- AHFMR Celebration of
Health Research Excellence
- 2008 Race to the White
House Election Watch
Nov. 5
- New Faculty Orientation: Research Services and Research Accounting
- Bringing your Innovation to Market