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Oct. 24, 2008

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Common cold symptoms caused by immune system—not the cold virus

New research is a major step toward more targeted cold prevention and treatment.

Cut the Carbs campaign brings dimensions of electricity to campus

As you flick on your next light switch, you probably do not reflect on the source, scale, cost and environmental footprint of that that burst of electricity. Ola Kowalewski hopes to change that habit.

Solar car exhibit will teach thousands about potential of alternative energy

The University of Calgary Solar Team has donated its first car to recognize National Science and Technology Week being held at TELUS World of Science.

Results for SU 2008 by-election

Four students have been declared acclaimed and one elected as faculty representatives to serve on the 66th Students Academic Assembly, while five other commissioner positions have been filled in the Students’ Union by-election. 



Justine Fair is a medicine student who spent her summer practising medicine with an American doctor on the isolated Marshall Islands. Here is her postcard home.


Gairdner Lecture podcast
Read the transcript of the audio podcast from the Oct. 21 Gairdner Foundation Lectures. Dr. Sam Weiss of the Faculty of Medicine spoke about "Adult neural stem cells: From basic science to therapeutic applications"  
- Dante's "Sympathetic" Sinners
- The Quintessential Michelangelo
Oct. 25
Memorial Service for Rowland Smith
Oct. 27
2008 Peter Craigie Memorial Lecture
Oct. 27, 28 & 29
Flu Prevention Clinics
Oct. 28
Science Cafe: Nanotoxicology
Nov. 4
AHFMR Celebration of Health Research Excellence