University of Calgary

Oct. 22, 2008

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U of C launches sustainability action plan

Sustainability ON campaign aims to reduce energy consumption on campus, shows leadership in sustainability actions

Olympic Erica Morningstar joins Dinos swim team

Olympian Erica Morningstar will swim for the University of Calgary in 2008-09.

Memorial scholarship for Rowland Smith

A memorial scholarship has been established in memory of Rowland Smith. An online link has been created to allow donors to give through netcommunity For more information contact


- The Changing Landscape of Research Funding
- Literature at lunch?
- WRC awards
- Women’s Community & Career Exhibition
- International Campus Sustainability Day
- New Perspective on Celtic Coins
Oct. 23
The Middle East: Foreign Policy Considerations for Canada
Oct. 24
Dante's "Sympathetic" Sinners
Oct. 27
2008 Peter Craigie Memorial Lecture
Oct. 27, 28 & 29
Flu Prevention Clinics
Register now.
Oct. 28
Science Cafe: Nanotoxicology
Nov. 4
AHFMR Celebration of Health Research Excellence