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Oct. 17, 2008

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Meet our newest Innovators

The Innovators series highlights just some of U of C’s researchers who are using innovation to solve the challenges of today and tomorrow. They're using biomedical engineering to help treat diseases like Parkinson's and diabetes; bringing 3D medical images to the iPhone 3G; squeezing oil from rock in record time; building digital networks in the arts; and revolutionizing weather prediction. Meet the Innovators II.

A dose of experiential learning

During the Oct. 27 flu clinic session, second year Faculty of Nursing students will be trying their hand at giving the flu shot.

Tracking disease in Sri Lanka

Vet Med researcher Kate Sawford is working to improve health surveillance after the 2004 tsunami.

Will the Dinos ace it on the volleyball court?

The 22nd Annual Husky Dino Cup takes over the Jack Simpson Gym this weekend, featuring some of the best volleyball competition in North America.


- Meeting of the Minds II
- America’s Empire in the Persian Gulf, 1941-2007
Micro-finance – the Power for Change
Oct. 18
- Open House '08
- Home Movie Day
Oct. 20
- Health and Wellness Career Fair
- Health Research Talkabout
Oct. 21
2008 Gairdner Foundation Lectures
Oct. 22
Literature at lunch?
Oct. 27, 28 & 29
Flu Prevention Clinics
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