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Nov. 7, 2008

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Roadside memorials may improve safety

Landmark study shows makeshift shrines at accident scenes pose no extra hazard

Dinos face off against the Clan for Canada West football superiority

Match-up demonstrates a changing of the guard

Using gaming to teach

Learning is poised to enter the online fantasy world of Second Life, thanks to U of C Faculty of Education professor



- How Do Our Genes Drive Us, and How Can We Drive Our Genes?
- Transnational Citizenship and the African Diaspora Conference (Nov. 7 & 8)
Nov. 8
- Kids & Company Open House
- A Chopin Portrait (VIII) by pianist Charles Foreman
Nov. 10
Fall Convocation
- Morning Ceremony
- Afternoon Ceremony
Until Nov. 21
Do You Know What I Mean? The Lived Experiences of Sex Trade Workers in Calgary