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Nov. 24, 2008

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Helping to keep people with mental illness off the streets
A one-of-a-kind exhibit in Calgary explores the links between schizophrenia, experiences in the health-care system, and homelessness.

"The Message" steals the show
Members of “The Message” team from Winnipeg won the title of 2008 Iron Science national champions. 

New books explore history of Arctic exploration
Three new books that examine the history of Arctic exploration will be launched at an event hosted by the Arctic Institute of North America and the University of Calgary Press.


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- Avalanche Awareness and Backcountry Skiing
- U of C Chamber Music Ensemble

Nov. 25
- Fair Trade: Setting the Standards for a More Sustainable Future
- Diet and Health: Where is the Gold?
- Hello ... Hello
- Science Cafe: Seizure Disorders
Nov. 26
- SU Wellness Centre Grand Opening
- Research in Action: Student Research Showcase
- UPress presents something to chew on over lunch
Dec. 1
Computer Science Industry Day
Dec. 6
National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Woman