University of Calgary

Nov. 19, 2008

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Bob Ellard receives Saskatchewan Order of Merit
U of C’s Bob Ellard, vice-president, capital planning and development, is a recipient of the 2008 Saskatchewan Order of Merit.

“Adding” her name to the list
U of C Faculty of Medicine’s Jean Addington, named Alberta Centennial Research Chair in Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Update: Cut the Carbs Building Challenge
During the third and final week of the buildings challenge, electricity consumption on campus was reduced by another 12 000 kWh and 8 tonnes of greenhouse gases.

Science Café
This month’s Science Café topic is Seizure Disorders: Predicting and Taming Electrical Storms in the Brain.

Universal Student Ratings of Instruction (USRI)
Universal Student Ratings of Instruction are used in performance feedback and to improve instruction. By building on the outcomes, the U of C is demonstrating its commitment to student success through high-quality teaching, research and scholarship. For more information visit 


- The Impact of Research on Society
- A New Vision for the U of C Press
Nov. 20
- Knowledge is the Best Medicine
- Children of the Amazon
- Dance Montage (until Nov. 22)
Nov. 21
Iron Science National finals
Nov. 25
- Fair Trade: Setting the Standards for a More Sustainable Future
- Science Cafe
Nov. 26
Research in Action: Student Research Showcase