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Nov. 13, 2008

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New associate vice-president (research)
Molecular biologist and current vice-dean (research) at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Robert Haché will join the U of C as associate vice-president (research) in February.

Appreciate the beauty of campus—via podcast
A new podcast takes you on a guided walking-tour of the campus detailing how the campus was transformed from a barren dust-bowl into the oasis we enjoy today.

Mid-life learners
Research shows going back to university for a master’s degree can be transformational for adults in midlife.

Today: Undergraduate Research Symposium
The Students’ Union is hosting the 3rd annual Undergraduate Research Symposium with more than 75 students presenting their works. 


- Post Miniature Show and Auction
- Undergraduate Research Symposium
Legal and Judicial Systems: Levers for Democratic Reform?
- Canadian Conference on Student Leadership
(until Nov. 16)
Nov. 14
- Contractualism: a Miniconference (also Nov. 15)
- Sea Kayaking - West Coast Destinations
- An Evening with Heather, Fanny, Clara & Friends 
(also Nov. 15)
Until Nov. 21
Do You Know What I Mean? The Lived Experiences of Sex Trade Workers in Calgary