University of Calgary

Nov. 12, 2008

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Students win big in international synthetic biology competition
U of C takes two silver and one bronze medal.

Vet Med faculty announces first professorship
Veterinary Medicine announced its first professorship today. Dr. Katherine Wynne-Edwards assumes the Jack Manns Professorship in Comparative Endocrinology.

Three days left to enter to win a trip for two to Victoria
It’s the final week of the University of Calgary’s 2008 United Way campaign and the final push.

Cutting the carbs success story
The lights are off but that doesn’t mean nobody’s around in Richard Cantin’s office. 


- Post Minature Show and Auction (until Nov. 14)
- Are Bees Declining and If So Why?
- The Cult of Heroic Death: Nazi War Memorials
Nov. 13
Canadian Conference on Student Leadership
(until Nov. 16)
Until Nov. 21
Do You Know What I Mean? The Lived Experiences of Sex Trade Workers in Calgary