University of Calgary

Nov. 10, 2008

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Dinos book trip to Uteck Bowl

Convincing win over Simon Fraser sends Calgary to national football semifinal.

New U of C power plant will slash emissions
Campus shows leadership by cutting carbon dioxide output in half from today’s levels

University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine researchers honoured
List of award recipients reads like a who’s who of U of C medical researchers

On Campus on newsstands now
Read about the new CoGen plant in the November On Campus, on newsstands now. Plus: Bruce Carson on breaking down silos, our first dedicated West Campus employee and turning hydrogen sulfide from offensive to medically effective.



Fall Convocation 
| Morning | Afternoon |
- Post Miniature Show & Auction 2008 (runs Nov. 10-14)
Nov. 12
- Are Bees Declining and If So Why?
- The Cult of Heroic Death: Nazi War Memorials
Nov. 13
Canadian Conference on Student Leadership
(runs Nov. 13-16)
Until Nov. 21
Do You Know What I Mean? The Lived Experiences of Sex Trade Workers in Calgary