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University of Calgary Solar Car Team hits the open road

UToday HomeMay 6, 2013

Until May 13, Albertans will get a chance to see the new Schulich Delta in action on Alberta highways. The team’s fourth annual tour of the province is a chance to test the solar car on the open road and visit schools and communities to spread the word about sustainability and alternative energy.

The Schulich Delta Alberta Tour (SDAT) serves as a unique and instrumental training tool for the team as it prepares for the World Solar Challenge (WSC), a 3,000-kilometre race through the Australian Outback this October. SDAT also allows the team to spread the word about sustainability and alternative energy sources by getting out to the community through organized events and school visits. The University of Calgary Solar Car Team reaches out to about 10,000 people annually, including 3,500 students.

The Schulich Delta is the fourth-generation car designed and built by 47 students at the University of Calgary, mostly from the Schulich School of Engineering and the Haskayne School of Business.  This multi-disciplinary team also has members from the Faculties of arts, education and kinesiology.

This is the team’s first foray into designing and building a practical solar car. Designed with the average driver in mind, the four-wheeled Delta has several new features such as a passenger seat, two doors and trunk space.

It has more than three times the battery life of past generations and a touch-screen tablet interface that provides real-time information to the driver. The team hopes this approach will help drive innovation in the automotive industry and lay the groundwork for widespread solar car technology.

“This is my fourth Alberta Tour with the team,” says Mico Madamesila, engineering manager and project co-chair. “We’re aiming to maximize our experience on the highway and gather all the data we need to maximize our performance in WSC 2013.”

“Making sure we take the time to stop in communities and share our project with local schools is just as important as testing the car,” adds Susanna Kubik, business manager and project co-chair.

The public can catch a glimpse of the car on Alberta highways throughout the eight-day tour. The team will visit several communities throughout Alberta. For updates and a map of the 2013 Schulich Delta Alberta Tour route, visit


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