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Seizing global opportunities: University supports Alberta government in launch of international strategy

UToday HomeMay 17, 2013

Alberta Premier Alison Redford and International and Intergovernmental Relations Minister Cal DallasAlberta Premier Alison Redford and International and Intergovernmental Relations Minister Cal Dallas address the audience during their launch of the province’s international strategy, at a press conference held in the EEEL building on May 17, 2013. Photo by Jaekyun ImThe University of Calgary hosted Premier Alison Redford, International and Intergovernmental Relations Minister Cal Dallas, and some of their caucus colleagues on campus today to support the provincial government in the announcement of its new international strategy, which closely aligns with the university’s strategic priorities.

The government’s new international strategy aims to bolster access in priority markets, attract investment and give Albertans support to succeed globally.

“We’re committed to building Alberta by opening up new markets to ensure we get the fairest price possible for our resources and products,” said Alberta Premier Alison Redford, who made the announcement at a news conference held at the University of Calgary’s EEEL building.

“This is about creating opportunities for our businesses and entrepreneurs so we can keep growing our economy,” Redford said.

University of Calgary President Elizabeth Cannon listens as Lisa SkierkaUniversity of Calgary President Elizabeth Cannon listens as Lisa Skierka, general manager of the Alberta Barley Commission, speaks during the launch of the Alberta government’s international strategy on May 17, 2013. Photo by Jaekyun ImIt was almost two months ago that the provincial government helped the University of Calgary launch its own international strategy.

“The University of Calgary is pleased to have been engaged in the development of the government of Alberta’s international strategy, and see that it closely aligns with our own,” President Elizabeth Cannon said.

“Like the province, we too believe strongly in pursuing global advocacy, advancing Alberta’s international relations and strengthening Alberta’s reputation abroad to create opportunities for Albertans. We will continue to advance our international strategy to position the University of Calgary as a global intellectual hub and work with the government of Alberta to achieve our goals.”

The international strategy is a critical part of the university’s Eyes High strategic direction. It sets out a roadmap to position the University of Calgary as a global intellectual hub. The strategy aims to create opportunities for 50 per cent of our students to have an international experience, and increase our population of international students to 10 per cent at the undergraduate, and 25 per cent at the graduate level. In this spirited, high-quality learning environment, students will thrive in programs made rich by research and hands-on experiences.

Highlights of the government of Alberta plan include:

  • Supporting new regional strategies by strengthening Alberta’s presence in growing and critically important markets.
  • The creation of an Alberta International Development Office that will help share Alberta’s expertise with developing countries on such things as environmentally responsible resource extraction techniques and food safety applications.
  • A greater focus on advocacy efforts around agriculture, energy, forestry, education, culture, and innovation.
  • The creation of a small- and medium-size enterprise export council to improve communication between businesses, government and other stakeholders.
  • The creation of a formalized process that will give stakeholders greater input into the design and execution of focused international missions.
  • The creation of new region-specific strategies to target trade, investment and advocacy efforts in key areas around the world.

“Enhancing market access, attracting investment and strengthening Alberta’s global reputation are economic necessities for our province,” said International and Intergovernmental Relations Minister Dallas, who spoke at both the university’s international strategy launch and at today’s provincial announcement. “Investing in opportunities that will pay dividends for the future of Alberta is the right and responsible action to take.”

Read more about the government of Alberta’s international strategy:

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