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May 11, 2010

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Graduate support
Incoming U of C president Dr. Elizabeth Cannon looking at ways to enhance graduate student experience and success.

U of C Chemist stitches up speedier chemical reactions
Some people have streets named after them. Warren Piers, a chemistry professor at the U of C, has a catalyst penned after him.

The power of touch
New research from Samuel Weiss, director of the Hotchkiss Brain Institute, shows paternal mice that physically interact with their babies grow new brain cells and form lasting memories of their babies.

Experiential learning at the Betty Ford Center
Nursing profs participate with family members and friends of patients to understand the impact chemical dependency.

Academics without borders
Presentation today discusses volunteering in the developing world.

Campus Connection

President’s Reception for long-service employees and retirees
This annual reception serves to recognize U of C long-service employees (15 plus years) as well as those who have retired from the university. An open invitation is extended to all long-service and retired faculty and staff.


Winnipeg Free Press
May 7, 2010
Chevron says safety sound as it prepares to drill ultra-deep well off N.L.

University of Calgary business professor Bob Schulz said he expects deep-water drilling safety procedures to come under increased scrutiny in light of the devastating oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico—but not to so great an extent that it would hamper the industry.

Calgary Herald
May 8, 2010
U of C launches research into solvents for heavy oil recovery

The University of Calgary’s Schulich School of Engineering has launched a new research program to study the effects of solvent in heavy oil reservoirs. Funding for the five-year, $2.6-million program has been provided by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and industry partners Schlumberger and Shell Canada, the university said in a news release.

Calgary Herald
May 10, 2010
Chemical catalyst named for U of C professor Warren Piers

A catalyst related to a Nobel Prizewinning family of catalysts now bears the name of the University of Calgary chemistry professor who spent years closely studying it at the molecular level.

In a paper published Sunday in the online edition of Nature Chemistry, Warren Piers and former graduate student Edwin van der Eide explained the inner workings of the newly dubbed Piers catalyst.


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