University of Calgary

March 8, 2010

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Dinos football team inducted into Alberta Sports Hall of Fame
25 years later, the two-time Vanier Cup champions receive another accolade.

Students elect new president, executive
Lauren Webber is the SU’s new president with 53 percent of the votes.

Taking the spin out of the climate change debate
University of Calgary geoscience professor to talk to sold-out downtown crowd.


> Women's Resource Centre: International Women's Day Celebration
> Fundraiser: Hearing Haiti!
> Photo Exhibit Opening: Victory Over Violence & Seeds of Change. On display March 9-12, 9 a.m.-9 p.m.

March 9
> Info: Changes in Supply Chain Management
> Talk: How Neoconservatism Changed Conservatism
> Film: Montalbano sono!: Excursion to Tindari
> Talk: The Splitting the Sky vs. George W. Bush Case

March 10
> Presentation: Homelessness in the News
> Emeritus Association Lecture: Genocide in Rwanda
> PeaceTalk: Military and Peacekeeping Ethics for a Culture of Peace

March 11
> Info: Changes in Supply Chain Management
> Chaplains' Book Study: Spiritual Leaders Who Changed the World
> Talk: Let the Punishment Fit the Crime: Environmental Prosecutions
> ISEEE Speakers Series: Geoengineering: Can International Intervention in the Climate System Reduce Climate Risk?

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