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Qatar campus partners in nursing job satisfaction research

UToday HomeMarch 5, 2013

The Rumailah research committee is made up of nurses and faculty members.The Rumailah research committee is made up of nurses and faculty members.The University of Calgary-Qatar (UCQ) has joined forces with Rumailah Hospital for a research project to gauge nursing job satisfaction.

“Nursing job satisfaction has been found in research to affect many patient and nurse outcomes,” says Christine Ou, a UCQ nursing instructor.

“Higher levels of satisfaction have been shown to improve quality of care for patients, and patient satisfaction with care, decrease patient mortality, and improve nursing retention. So, if we can find out how nurses are feeling about their job, we will know if we need to work on nurses’ work environment in order to improve patient outcomes.”

“Establishing a nursing research committee has been one of our goals for a long time, and now with this partnership with University of Calgary-Qatar, this is coming into fruition,” says Nazila Afghani, Rumailah director of nursing. “The nursing research committee is committed to pioneering in research and evidence-based practice at Rumailah Hospital and HMC.”

Nurses from the Rumailah research committee came to UCQ for a literature review and electronic databases workshop. The Rumailah research committee, headed by Afghani, and approved by Ruby Santander, the assistant executive director of nursing at Rumailah Hospital, consists of eight nurses and University of Calgary-Qatar faculty members Ou and Dr. Brad Johnson.

In attendance at the literature review workshop: Jerome Mzia, a charge nurse in the Psychiatry Unit; Saadiya Alhebail, head nurse in Day Care Surgery; Johncy Paulose, staff nurse in Burns Unit; Jessy George, a quality management reviewer, and Dorina Oprea, staff nurse from Children’s Rehabilitation Unit.

“The enthusiasm of the nurses was clearly evident, and they came prepared to build their understanding of carrying out research,” observed Ou.

Brad Johnson agreed, “I felt that we made great progress today in our understanding of what job satisfaction consists of, different ways to measure it, and how to go about conducting our research into job satisfaction. Our work together is a great example of how we can work together to develop an evidence-based project aimed at answering questions relevant to Rumailah, HMC, and Qatar.”

The Rumailah research committee is currently examining nurse job satisfaction and its outcomes. They are planning to design a research project for Rumailah Hospital, which has more than 1,500 nurses.


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