University of Calgary

March 31, 2009

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Keep It On Campus to enhance the student, faculty and staff experience
Student and Enrolment Services launches the Keep It On Campus campaign today.

Gaming experts share thoughts on the industry’s future
Some of Calgary’s most influential people from the gaming world came together at an event organized by the Association for the Management of Information and Operations student club.

Alumnus' gift will help a single parent
Erika Pochailo remembers what it’s like to be a single parent while attending university. To help other single parents, she took out a life insurance policy and named the U of C as beneficiary.


12 p.m. Who We Are: A Citizen's Manifesto
12:15 p.m. Where Medicine and Law Interact: 10 Things You Should Know
4 p.m. Scholars and Tycoons: The Creation of Great Research Libraries in the American West

March 31-April 11
Taking Flight: Fifth Anniversary Festival of Student Work

April 8
> WHAT IF.... Are you Prepared for an Emergency at the U of C?
> Dance@Noon
> Big Rock Lecture Series: McCall the Maverick Flying Ace (Reserve tix early)