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March 23, 2010

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Making computers think outside of the box
University of Calgary leads new Canada-wide research on cutting-edge multi-touch surfaces.

Excellence in nursing research
A Faculty of Nursing researcher and recent graduate have both won provincial awards for outstanding achievement.

Nursing expert visits UCQ
The woman, who literally, wrote the book on family nursing, has acquired a new group of fans and supporters and believers following a visit to Doha.

Copyright and the digital age
The topic of who has control over digital information systems is a hot topic in courts today. This month the Faculty of Law is welcoming an expert on the topic to give a free lecture.


The Canadian Press
March 18, 2010
Toy poodle to bull mastiff, dogs genetically linked to Mideast wolf: study

An international team of scientists have concluded that most breeds of domesticated dogs can trace their ancestry to the same source—the Middle Eastern grey wolf.

"There is so much similarity between the current dogs and some wolves of the Middle East, we can just infer that this is where people have domesticated dogs from wolves first," said co-author Marco Musiani, a landscape ecologist at the University of Calgary.

The Calgary Herald
March 18, 2010
The coming cancer crunch

Publicly funded health care is only sustainable by focusing on and providing what is needed by its constituents, says Dr. Peter Craighead, U of C Faculty of Medicine oncology professor and director of the Tom Baker Cancer Centre.

In an editorial to the Calgary Herald, Craighead says "the recent flurry of discussions around a new cancer centre in Calgary forces us to ask whether this is a need or a want."

Alberta Primetime
March 16, 2010
Carbon capture and storage feasibility study

Rob Lavoie, project manager of the University of Calgary-led Wabamun Area CO2 Sequestration Project (WASP), talks about the potential of storing a huge amount of the global warming gas carbon dioxide deep underground in central Alberta.


> Stop Racisim Discussion: Standing up to Racism -- What Can a Community Do?
> Session: General Electric Careers in Sustainability
> Information Evenings for Students and Parents
> Films: Water Movie Night
> Science Cafe: Citizens, Science and Democracy
> Reading: Markin-Flanagan Distinguished Visiting Writer Margaret MacMillan

March 24
> PeaceTalk: Who's Telling the Truth in Afghanistan?
> Café Scientifique: I’m Just a Bit Stressed, That’s All… Drawing the Link Between Stress and Mental Illness

March 25
> Talk: Copyright and the Digital Age
> Talk: Policy Making in the Global Financial Crisis

March 26
> Dance: New York, New York
> Talk by Contemporary Chinese Artist Wenda Gu

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