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Microbiologist is Canada’s 2nd Greatest Know-it-All

UToday HomeMarch 20, 2013

Carla Davidson finished second in a reality show field of 10 contestants.Carla Davidson finished second in a reality show field of 10 contestants.University of Calgary microbiologist Carla Davidson, PhD, came in second on the reality television show, Canada’s Greatest Know-it-All.

Davidson specializes in vaccine development and science outreach. She was one of 10 contestants competing for the title on the Discovery channel program

“It was a very unique group of people and we all approached problem solving in different ways,” says Davidson. “It was a rare gift to be able to have that big of an adventure, and pit yourself against other people who think they're too smart for their own good.”

The contestants were picked from over 3,000 submissions and came from a wide range of professions, experiences and educational backgrounds. During the show, they competed in a series of physical and mental challenges designed to put their problem-solving skills and teamwork to the test by answering questions such as how things are engineered, driven, built, powered and even blown up.

Davidson says through the experience she really felt she found her voice.

“Being around all these other people with their own businesses or creative careers made me realize I could do that too.”

In addition, Davidson learned a whole new set of skills such as dune buggy and mini track hoe driving, skydiving, and how to use power tools. The experience even gave her a new perspective on fashion.

“I learned that flowy T-shirts aren't flattering on me. Oh well, live and learn!”

The challenges were filmed in Ontario this past June and premiered on Discovery Channel in January. The season finale — in which Davidson was declared the second-place winner — aired last week.


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