University of Calgary

March 20, 2009

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Community Bicycle Shop Grand Opening takes place March 21
A Quality Money-funded project, the shop makes cycling more accessible and promotes a healthy lifestyle for the university and Calgary community.

Schulich students tie for first place in national engineering competition
The team had 4 hours to build a drying system to dehydrate mushrooms, a process used by farmers in Zambia to preserve wild mushrooms for export.

Be Water Wise: March 22 is World Water Day
Last year the U of C used over one billion litres of potable water and aims to cut its use in half by 2012.


Postcard from Jamaica
As part of her Bachelor of Social Work degree, Brenda Sutherland decided she wanted to do her practicum abroad. She found a great opportunity in Jamaica.


International Francophone Week (until March 23)
11 a.m. Patterns of Health and Well-being Among Older Aboriginal Adults
3:30 p.m. Darwin Lecture Series: Darwin and Dobzhansky on Race
8 p.m. Master Organist Bruno Beaufils

March 21-22
Globalization and Human Rights in the Developing World

March 23
The Struggle for Kandahar:
Canadian Soldiers Making a Difference in Afghanistan

March 24
> Backpack Jackpot! Hike the West Coast Trail
> Science Café: Stem Cell Research: Medical Promise or Ethical Dilemma?

March 27
Markin Lecture in Health and Wellness: The Best Kept Secrets to Optimal Health and Wellness: Mindful Eating and Getting Fit!