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March 2, 2010

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Schulich student golden
Schulich School of Engineering student and speed skater Lucas Makowsky won a gold medal at the Vancouver Olympics.

Bringing bison back
New study says much work remains to restore American bison to their original range.

Students head to polls
Students can vote March 2-4 in the SU General Election.


Feb. 24, 2010
Harry Potter translates into U of C display

A Russian professor’s personal interest in translated Harry Potter books has turned into a display at the University of Calgary.

Nicholas Zekulin was working in Prague in 2003 when his younger daughter visited and brought along the first four books about the adventures of Harry Potter, an orphaned wizard and his friends at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

“I realized the problems for translators were really quite formidable,” said Zekulin, who teaches at the U of C.

Gulf Times
Feb. 27, 2010
QRC training for UCQ nursing pupils

Some six nursing students from the University of Calgary – Qatar have received hands-on skills in providing aid in disaster situations at the training conducted by the Qatar Red Crescent, a UCQ spokesman said.

Grande Prairie Daily Herald-Tribune
Feb. 26, 2010
‘Alberta Advantage’ is toast: Report

A new report says Alberta needs to completely rethink its conventional oil and natural gas royalty rates if it wants to compete for investment with other energy hotspots in North America.

The report by Jack Mintz of the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy looked at barriers and incentives for oil and gas investment in Alberta, B.C., Saskatchewan, the Maritimes and Texas.


> Merv Leitch QC Memorial Lecture: Investor-State Arbitration: Recent Trends and Future Challenges
> WestGrid Coast-to-Coast Seminar: The Unbearable Lightness of Being (A Neutrino)

March 3
> EVDS Talk: Creative City Limits

March 4
> Info: Changes in Supply Chain Management
> Chaplains' Book Study: Spiritual Leaders Who Changed the World
> Spanish for Reel: Canciones para después de una guerra (Songs For After a War)
> Discovery Series: Unknown Territory of the Piano: Eve Egoyan

March 5
> Talk: There’s A Psychology for That!
> CMSS Talk: Arctic Patrol: Canadian Rangers in Northern Canada
> Talk: Horemheb & the Genesis of 'Mithraism' in Ancient Egypt

March 8
> Women's Resource Centre: International Women's Day Celebration

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