University of Calgary

March 17, 2010

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Look Up
Inspired by the positive spirit of the Vancouver Olympics, we are celebrating our own best and brightest.  Starting today on the right hand side of the U of C home page, we’ll profile people in the U of C community—faculty, students, staff and alumni—by asking them to share what they are most proud of and what they envision for the future.

EVDS Design Matters Lecture Series
World expert in wildlife management will teach us that listening to people leads to better results in conservation efforts.

Research in Action Online
In this month’s issue of Research in Action: measuring nanomaterials in blood vessels, the stress of a stroke, and women of vision.


Leaving home…finding home
Colette Foisy-Doll recently returned from a one-year stint at the University’s nursing school in Doha, Qatar. Here is her postcard.


> Seminar: Green Eggs and Ham Sustainability Breakfast
> Arctic Change Series: Life in an Acid Soup
> Talk: L’aventure française au Québec
> Talk: Jihad of the West: Alienation, Integration & Identity

March 18
> Dance: Mainstage Dance 2010 begins its three-night run.
> PeaceFilm: A Force More Powerful Documentary

March 19
> Session: iS2 Information Session
> Talk: French Outside the Classroom
> Seminar: Storm Clouds and Silver Linings: Navigating Disruptive Change
> Celebration: The Coming Out Monologues
> Dance: Mainstage Dance 2010

March 20
> Dance: Mainstage Dance 2010
> Celebrity Series: Mahler and Hahn
> Open House: Rothney Astrophysical Observatory

March 22
> UCI Speaker Series: Climate Wars with Gwynne Dyer

March 23
> Session: General Electric Careers in Sustainability

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