University of Calgary

March 16, 2009

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Music students making global strides
U of C Master of Music program provides rare opportunities for renowned duet. 


Vet med investigates inflammatory bowel disease
UCVM is leading a team to look into the causes of IBD, a condition that affects both humans and animals.

Nursing prof wins prestigious lifetime award
Sandi Hirst was one of the first Canadian nurses to become certified in gerontological nursing and is the 2009 recipient of the CARNA award.

Refreshing the U of C’s academic plan
The newest draft version of the university’s academic plan is now available to view.

U puts waste on display
Volunteers with the University of Calgary’s Students’ Union gave away more than 650 refillable cups to students last week as part of Enviropalooza.



March 16
> International Francophone Week
7:30 p.m.The Place of Religion in a Secular Age
March 17
Lunch and Learn: The Space You Work in and How You Work in Your Space

March 18
Arctic Research - Then and Now

March 19
The Environment, Metals, Life and Death

March 20
Patterns of Health and Well-being among Older Aboriginal Adults